POP 2.0 8-piece Baking Set
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POP 2.0 8-piece Baking Set

Retail Price: $89.99
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8-piece Baking Set. A great starter set for bakers includes the essential containers and accessories for storing the most common ingredients. Set contains 2 Mini Square Short containers, 1 Small Square Short container, 2 Big Square Medium containers, 1 Brown Sugar Keeper and 2 Half-Cup Scoops. Accessories attachment on base of each lid allows to store scoops, levelers and more. Containers are stackable for optimal countertop and pantry organization. Container corners allow for easy pouring. Pop-up button serves as handle to lift off lid

Item Details

SKU: 11236500G
Dimensions: 28.00 x 29.00 x 34.50 cm