ON™ Adjustable Temperature Kettle
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ON™ Adjustable Temperature Kettle

Retail Price: $159.99
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Cordless Adjustable Temperature Kettle, 60oz / 1.75L, borosilicate glass and fingerprint-proof stainless steel. This kettle allows you to create the perfect water temperature for your tea or coffee; simply twist the knob to select the ideal temperature down to the degree, whether you prefer oolong or maté, light roasts or dark roasts, or anything in between. Equipped with thoughtful features like auto shut-off, a stay-cool handle, easy-to-read measurement markings, and a soft-open lid. This kettle is easily moved between counter and table, whether you're making hot chocolate on a cold day or enjoying some afternoon tea with friends. Gift boxed.

Item Details

SKU: 8716900ON
Dimensions: 33.53 x 22.86 x 22.61 cm