M-Cuisine™ Microwave Rice & Grain Cooker
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Joseph Joseph

M-Cuisine™ Microwave Rice & Grain Cooker

Retail Price: $34.99
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Microwave Rice & Grain Cooker. Includes: 2 L cooking pot, colander, rice paddle, measuring cup and lid, polypropylene, BPA free. All the steps to cook perfect rice in the microwavein one convenient space-saving design. M-Cuisine™ is a range of innovative products from Joseph Joseph, designed to help you make more of your microwave. Prepare, cook and serve delicious home-cooked food with ease, from a simple poached egg right up to a complete family meal in minutes! and dishwasher safe. Gift boxed.

Item Details

SKU: 7045002SO
Dimensions: 14.90 x 18.30 x 18.60 cm