Lift & Lock Pole Caddy
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Lift & Lock Pole Caddy

Retail Price: $199.99
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Lift & Lock Pole Caddy, stainless steel & plastic. Designed to keep everything in the shower organized and handy. The pole has a Lift & Lock mechanism to allow safe and easy installation without any tools. Includes three bins and one shelf that hoo k around the pole and lock into place with a light and easy push. The bins are generously sized with holes for holding shampoo bottles upside down and with hooks for hanging loofahs, brushes and poofs. Th e shelf holds soap and razors and includes a bar for hanging washcloths. Constructed entirely of stainless steel and plastic to prevent rust. Pole extends from 5-feet to 9-feet to accommodate most showers, tubs o r bathroom corners. Gift boxed.

Item Details

SKU: 1271000SS
Dimensions: 95.50 x 15.00 x 36.00 cm