Herb Savor Pod™ 2.0 - 6pc CDU
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Herb Savor Pod™ 2.0 - 6pc CDU

Retail Price: $20.99
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Herb Keeper, 6pc CDU, 11.3" / 29cm H, white , plastic, BPA free. Nothing makes your meals taste better than the freshest ingredients. The PreparaHerb Savor Pod™ 2.0 will prolong the life of your fresh herbs for up to 3 weeks so you can enjoy fresh, flavorful meals every time you cook . Great for asparagus too. Designed to fit compactly in the fridge door. A convenient refilling/pouring spout makes water replacing fast and easy. Dishwasher safe.

Item Details

SKU: PP20101WH
Dimensions: 28.91 x 5.99 x 8.99 cm