GREEN SAVER™ Crisper Inserts 2pk
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GREEN SAVER™ Crisper Inserts 2pk

Retail Price: $16.99
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Crisper Inserts, 2pk, 4.5 x 3.5" / 11.5 x 9cm. Waste less and save more with OXO GreenSaver™ Crisper Inserts. Each Crisper Insert features all-natural, non-toxic activated carbon filters, made from coconut husks, that trap and absorb ethylene gas, slowing down spoilage and keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer. The Crisper Insert is designed to mount to the wall of your fruit and vegetable drawer and features an open-vent design to ensure maximum airflow and absorption of ethylene gas. Carbon filter is designed to last 90 days.

Item Details

SKU: 11146100G
Dimensions: 5.10 x 15.60 x 26.60 cm