GREEN SAVER™ Crisper Insert
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GREEN SAVER™ Crisper Insert

Retail Price: $7.99
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Crisper Insert, 3 x 3x 2"H / 7.6 x 7.6 x 5cm H. Waste less and save more with OXO GreenSaver™ Crisper Insert. The Crisper Insert features all-natural, non-toxic activated carbon filters, made from coconut husks, that trap and absorb ethylene gas, slowing down spoilage and keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer. The Crisper Insert features an open-vent design to ensure maximum airflow and absorption of ethylene gas. Carbon filter is designed to last 90 days.

Item Details

SKU: 11212800G
Dimensions: 20.95 x 13.72 x 8.25 cm