Garlic Peeler
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Garlic Peeler

Retail Price: $9.99
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Garlic Peeler, 4.5"/11.5cm, silicone with storage case. Peeling garlic couldn't be easier! Simply insert garlic cloves into the silicone garlic peeler and roll it back and forth on the table or countertop while pressing downward. The unique shape keeps the cloves inside while you peel. Garlic cloves come out peeled, while the peel stays inside. Just rinse to remove the peel. Your hands stay clean and free from the smell of garlic, and the peeler stores neatly in its vented plastic box. Dishwasher safe.

Item Details

SKU: 1062036CL
Dimensions: 5.70 x 12.70 x 27.90 cm