ClipCut™ 2-in-1 Bag Cutter & Clip
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ClipCut™ 2-in-1 Bag Cutter & Clip

Retail Price: $4.99
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® 2-in-1 Bag Cutter & Clip, 25 piece CDU, assorted colours, polypropylene, BPA free. ClipCut™ is a bag cutter and clip all in one. Easy to use, it solves the problem of opening stubborn chip, cereal and any other hard-to-open bags. Now with the ClipCut™ you can easily cut open bags and then clip them shut for freshness with one simple tool. To safely open plastic & foil bags, simply place the bag between the concealed cutter, then with a simple press and slide ClipCut™ across the top. When done fold the bag over and clip the bag closed. Also great for frozen food bags, coffee bags, candy bags, cheeses plus packaging and shipping envelopes. Once in hand, you'll find many more uses.

Item Details

Dimensions: 1.50 x 3.50 x 9.80 cm